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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 17, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PST

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change to the tiny nation's 200-year-old monarchy. police swarm pearl square, with thousands of people. rubber bullets, flash grenades and tear gas filled the air, with reports of two killed and dozens wounded. this man said, we were sleeping when they surprised us and attacked us. abc journalist, miguel marquez was caught up in it. >> the protesters are now starting to move back toward the military. and they are -- whoa. in a complete fight, right on the street. no, no, no. >> journalist. journalist. journalist. >> i just got beat rather badly by a gang of thugs. >> reporter: later, when marquez was safe, he talked about the potential regional impact. >> and certainly, the saudis and the kuwaitis are watching very,
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very closely. >> reporter: libya and yemen have seen protests, as well. and the white house has issued a broad appeal. >> we're calling on both sides, where the countries are demonstrations are takes place, to be nonviolent. and for the governments to be responsive. >> reporter: police actually put up barbed wire around pearl square. but these protesters say the crackdown makes them angrier. they vowed to return today, whatever the consequences. vinita and rob? >> emily schmidt, live in washington this morning. thank you. clearly, the government of bahrain is going all-out to avoid a repeat of the revolution in egypt. >> abc's laura setrakian joins us live, now, from cairo. so, laura, do you think they will be able to do that? >> reporter: they're just clearing out the square. and what we expect to see is the battle could move toward the southern suburbs, just below the square, where there's heavily shiite areas, where we've seen unrest in the past, between in disconnect between the shiite
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monarchy and the majority. and this could get hot. they have a hard time putting a lid on it. because this has happened so many times, they've gotten used to ways of really containing this kind of protest. >> laura, what does this mean for the u.s. navy, who has a huge presence there in bahrain, with the protests not ending anytime soon, at least for now. >> reporter: well, so far, they're taking a wait-and-see approach. they've been reluctant to say anything about these protests. and they're keeping their personnel away from this area. it's not a big island. so, in a sense it's hard for them to avoid. we've been to bahrain many times. we visited the 5th fleet. they're very much the community in bahrain. this is a critical outpost for the navy, to patrol the persian gulf waters. the u.s. has a very close relationship with bahrain. and just to give you a sense, bahrain is connected to saudi arabia, with just a bridge, a causeway. people go freely, back and forth. that's why saudi arabia is so nervous because of what happens in unrest in bahrain.
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felt in saudi arabia. a shiite minority in the areas closest to bahrain. so, a sense of fear that this could spread. >> laura setrakian, live in cairo for us this morning. thank you. we'll have more from our team there, including miguel marquez, later on "good morning america." in other news this morning, now, the american being detained in pakistan, is going to stay that way for about another month at least. raymond davis is being held for fatally shooting two pakistani men three weeks ago. the u.s. claims his detention is illegal, though, because he has diplomatic immunity. this morning, a hearing to determine if that immunity applies, was delayed until march 14th. we have an indication of what the u.s. would do with osama bin laden in the event he was captured alive. cia director, leon panetta, told investigators yesterday that the al qaeda leader would likely be sent to prison at guantanamo bay.
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it's all hypothetical, though. there's no indication that bin laden's capture is imminent. at the white house, now, jay carney has given his first press briefing. the former "time" magazine reporter, seemed a little nervous. he promised to give reporters the best information they need. the man passed up for the job, deputy press secretary, bill burton, has announced he is leaving the white house to form a consulting firm. hawaii's governor plans to sign a bill making civil unions for same-sex couples legal in the aloha state. hawaii is the seventh state to give the same rights as marriage to gay couples. civil unions will begin next january 1st. thousands of angry teachers, prison guards and other state workers swarmed wisconsin's capitol building. fighting the governor's attempt to strip them of their rights to unionize. but despite the protests, the nation's most aggressive anti-union proposal is moving quickly through wisconsin's republican-led legislature. meanwhile, six current and former officials of the l.a. suburb of bell, california, are going to stand trial for corruption charges. they are accused of fleecing the city of more than $5 million. the judge told the defendants to stay away from city hall and
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cease any official city business. bell's mayor is among those facing charges. and now, for this morning's weather from around the country. another stormy day out west. downpours from seattle to san francisco. showers around l.a. and san diego. up to two feet of mountain snow in colorado, utah, the sierras and cascades. 6 to 12 inches from cheyenne, to billings, and fargo, north minnesota. most of the country, good news here, feels like spring. >> 70s in dallas, new orleans and miami. 64 in baltimore. and 54 degrees here in new york. just shy of 60 in indianapolis. 71 in kansas city. le to salt lake city. and when we come back this morning, one of the country's biggest bookstore chains declares bankruptcy. plus, senator scott brown. the latest prominent man to admit he was sexually abused. why now? and behind all that, the high-tech makeover for monopoly.
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oil prices are hovering around $85 a barrel this morning, after rising wednesday because of concerns about the continuing unrest in the middle east. as for stocks, tokyo's nikkei average rose 0.25% today. hong kong's hang seng added 0.6%. and in london, the ftse opened higher. on wall street, the dow gained 61 points yesterday. and the nasdaq climbed 21 points. some of the nation's biggest banks are facing fines for the way they handled foreclosures.
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more than a dozen firms, including bank of america and jpmorgan chase could be punished within days. published reports say the banks could be forced to change how they operate. borders has failed for bankruptcy protection and says it will close nearly one-third of its more than 600 stores. the chain fell behind in the digital revolution. and fewer stores could actually help e-book sales. your summer vacation may be a little more expensive this year, if you're planning on flying. airlines are not offering the deep discounts for the prime summer season. instead, some round-trip fares could get bumped up by as much as 250 bucks. the classic board game, monopoly, is getting a new look. hasbro has unveiled monopoly live, which introduces a computerized tower of power that controls the game. it keeps track of your money and your movement and gives instructions. it will be out in the fall. but you will still be able to buy the original. move over, elvis. the cast of "glee," now holds one of the king's records.
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in just 18 months, the show has had 113 songs appear on billboard's hot 100 charts, including 6 debuting this week. that's the most in the chart's 52-year history and 5 more than elvis presley ever had. >> an incredible record. man, "glee." wow. >> they also surpassed aretha franklin and the beatles now. >> no kidding. all right. coming up next on this thursday morning, scientists stumble on what they believe is a cure for baldness. and a new warning. are there cancer-causing chemicals lurking in your favorite soda? and thousands of sharks off of some of florida's most popular beaches. [ sneezes ] ...and hot soup. my walgreens pharmacist recommends bubble gum flavor... and patience. mine recommends antacid tablets... and only one taco. ♪ [ female announcer ] walgreens pharmacists also recommend you try walgreens brand health & wellness products.
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or unusual changes in mood or behavior or any swelling or affected breathing, or skin, or changes in eyesight, including blurry vision or muscle pain with fever or tired feeling. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. i found answers about fibromyalgia. then i found lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. you are looking at thousands of sharks in the waters off boca raton, florida. it's their migration season. and they're seeking some warmer waters. they're so close to shore because they're going after small bait fish to eat. needless to say, of course,
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nobody is going swimming right there for the time being. well, now, for a look at your morning road conditions. wet on i-5, from seattle to southern california, with flooding around san francisco. snow on i-80, from sacramento to salt lake city. and on i-84 in the rockies. and on i-90, from spokane to bismarck. foggy and wet on i-80, from chicago to cleveland. >> and if you're flying today, expect some airport delays in seattle, san francisco, los angeles, salt lake city and las vegas. updating our top story now. heavily-armed riot police are using tanks, tear gas and rubber bullets, to crush a growing anti-government protest in bahrain. at least two people died in the pre-dawn assault and dozens more are injured. our correspondent, miguel marquez, was caught up in that crackdown and was literally beaten with billy clubs. this morning, he is noticing some serious bruises but is otherwise okay. also this morning, a white house official says president obama has spoken with cbs reporter, lara logan. but offered no details on that conversation.
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logan, of course, is recovering from a brutal attack she suffered while covering the resignation of egyptian president mubarak. cbs says logan was beaten and also sexually assaulted. for the first time, massachusetts senator, scott brown is revealing a painful secret he's been carrying around since he was just 10 years old. he was sexually abused. brown says he is coming forward, hoping his story will help other victims overcome their childhood trauma. >> reporter: it was the handsome, truck-driving former model, who shocked with world with his victory in massachusetts. now, scott brown is saying he was the victim of sexual abuse. >> if you tell anybody, i will kill you. i will make sure that nobody believes you. >> reporter: in an interview with "60 minutes" about his new book, "against all odds," the 51-year-old senator says it happened at summer camp in fourth grade. >> when people find people like
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me, at that young, vulnerable age who are, basically, lost, the thing that they have over you is they make you believe that no one will believe you. >> reporter: it was part of a harrowing childhood for brown. he told barbara walters about repeated physical abuse. >> it was with my mom's husband. a couple of husbands. you know, having to be the man of the family and come and rescue her and getting knocked around pretty good. >> reporter: but brown had never told anyone about the sexual abuse. >> sexual abuse victims in particular male victims often feel intense feelings of guilt, shame and fear. >> reporter: we learned after his death that mickey mantle was sexually abused by a babysitter. he felt it contributed to his drinking and hard living. and recently, cnn anchor, don lemon, spoke publicly, too. >> i've never admitted this on television. i am a victim of a pedophile when i was kid. someone who was much older than me. >> reporter: advocates say every time someone like this, a survivor like scott
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brown speaks up, it is an inspiration to others. john berman, abc news, new york. three priests in philadelphia have now been suspended while the archdiocese there investigates claims of sexual abuse against them. the priests are accused of having inappropriate contact with children. the suspensions come just a week after a grand jury report charged the city's church officials with covering up clergy sex abuse. more than 30 other complaints against priests on the job are also being reopened. a consumer watchdog group is calling on the fda to ban the coloring used in certain soft drinks, saying it can cause cancer. the group says ontains ring in a carcinogen. but the beverage industry denies that the coloring is harmful. and it looks like you can shave a little time off your routine workout. a new study finds stretching before exercise does not prevent injury. but people already in the habit of stretching might want to keep doing it. their injury rates jumped 40% when they stopped stretching.
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scientists may be a step closer to finding a cure for baldness. researchers at ucla accidentally stumbled on a potent chemical that causes mice to regrow hair, even more effectively than the hair loss treatment rogaine. while conducting stress hormone experiments, they found inhibiting, key stress receptors restored the silky fur in bald mice. but it has yet to be tested on humans. time, now, for your sports highlights. and for last night's hoops action, here is espn news. >> good morning. cole wright here with your espn news update. and after a monday loss to the charlotte bobcats, the lakers cut loose on the cavs. right? just over a minute to go in the second. cavs down one. j.j. hickson loses the ball. great pass. antwan jamison for the lay-in. cavs up five at the break. late third, cavs up one. baseline. that was over pau gasol. that was the california wine mixture. right over gasol.
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the cavs, a three-point advantage at that point. cavs up three, kobe bryant, jamario moon. daniel gibson for the lay-in on the break. and the cavs win, 104-99. they handed the lakers a third-straight loss. college time. kemba walker and uconn, taking on the georgetown hornets. seconds quarter, uconn up one. walker. picking up his dribble. throwing the ball off the backboard to himself. and hits the shot. uconn, 54% shooting. they were up by three. later in the second, uconn up three. it's walker again. after the free throws, the huskies up six. four minutes left, georgetown down one. vaughn, with the lay-in. it's a one-point game. two minutes left, walker starts to drive. knocking down the jumper. the huskies with a three-point advantage. 45 seconds left, georgetown down three. chris wright, no relation, misses the shot. uconn, they win this one, 78-70.
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don't forget don't forget, for the latest, be sure to logon to and you can check us out on "the highlight express." that's it for us. back to you in new york. when we come back, honoring bill crosby today in washington. plus, how a former game show host saved dozens of circus lions who now have a home in the u.s. can't wait for spring? then get to sears big presidents day event plus get a ten dollar award card when you spend fifty
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riot police in the persian gulf nation of bahrain are cracking down on anti-government protesters. they have been firing rubber bullets and tear gas, trying to drive out demonstrators and avoid an egypt-style revolution. president obama travels to california today to meet with tech executives about job and innovation. among those expected to attend are facebook founder, mark zuckerberg, and apple ceo, steve jobs. before his trip, the president will sign a bill, naming a federal courthouse in honor of federal judge john roll. roll was killed in the tucson tragedy. the new courthouse is in yuma, arizona. jury selection continues in the trial of a motivational speaker accused of manslaughter in arizona. three people died in the sweat lodge ceremony. the trial is set to begin march 1st. the navy honors former sailor bill cosby today. he will be named an honorary officer at the world war ii memorial in washington. and 25 lions that were
4:23 am
rescued from a bolivian circus are getting used to their new digs outside of denver today. the rescue was financed by bob barker, the former host of "the price is right," among some others. coming up later on "good morning america," days after her dramatic performance at the grammys, lady gaga joins us live in times square. will she come in an egg? >> it will not be a dull interview. >> or a dull outfit. for some of you, local news is next. >> for everyone else, our domination by computers has the evening ♪ we'll forget about the snow and rain ♪ ♪ while the skies are storming ♪ your arms will warm me ♪ it's winter agai ♪ it's so thrilling when it's chilly in the winter ♪ ♪ and the frost is on the window pane ♪ ♪ hear the sleigh bells ringing ♪ ♪ my heart is singing [ female announcer ] t you just love february? why not get away and book a royal caribbean cruise at today?
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finally, one small step back for mankind. the supercomputer shows the mere mortals who is boss. >> "the jeopardy" show downbetween man and machine wrapped up last night. and watson destroyed the competition, leaving the superchampions in the des. >> this is "jeopardy!" >> reporter: in this tv battle of man versus machine, it was really no contest. >> who is laura bush? what is esquire? what is buffalo. >> reporter: watson, a gigantic computer created by ibm, trounced veteran "jeopardy!" champs, ken jennings and brad rutter, again wednesday night.
4:27 am
after a three-day tournament, watson earned $77,000 versus $24,000 for jennings and $21,600 for rutter. >> i think we both got a taste of what it might have been like to play against us. >> reporter: this is how the computer worked. when show host, alex trebek, delivered a clue, a text of the clue was sent to watson, who searched his hard drives for the answer. a long way since that first computer with a hard drive in the '60s which could store one manhattan phone book. watson can hold 12 million of them. in the '80s, ibm's first pc could understand 5,000 words. watson, 125 billion. still, trebek is only impressed up to a point. >> i said, when you can develop a computer that can come up with original thought, that can make me laugh and that have emotion, then i'll stare worrying. but that's a long way down the line, folks. that will take a while. >> reporter: t.j. winick, abc
4:28 am
news, new york. >> despite the victory, watson's main creator says he sees human intelligence consuming machine intelligence, and not the other way around. >> jennings took the defeat in stride. alongside his correct final answer, he wrote, i, forone, welcome our new computer overlords. >> i hope this doesn't go to watson's head. that's what's making news in america on this thursday morning. >> get more news all day at >> have a great thursday, everybody. ♪ good morning. we have some heavy rain headed our way, gusty winds and snow on in our bay area. >> with the wet conditions, we've got ponding on the roadways, look out for that, especially the bay bridge toll plaza. a high wind advisory for the san
4:29 am
mateo bridge and i also have details on a new injury crash. >> and the pounding storm surf hitting the coast this morning is causing new concern about an apartment building sitting on the edge of an eroding cliff in pacifica. >> a top-ranking narcotics officer is accused of dealing drugs. >> and president obama comes to the bay area today with a private meeting with tom silicon valley leaders including mark zuckerberg. 4:30 this thursday. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. we begin with breaking frus from vallejo where pg&e is investigating reports from a gas leak at a safeway supermarket. amy is live at the scene. there's a power outage in the area. are these two events related? >> well, sort of. yes, creditor -- in a way. we had trouble finding the


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